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    A Solid Foundation in Technology Will
    Future Proof Your Kids

Coding is the #1 Future Skill recommended by top educators for all students.

Treat your kids to a fun and rewarding educational experience.

Instead of playing games, kids learn how to create them with the same tools used by professionals in the industry and major corporations today.

Kids learn valuable skills that can apply to any future careers.

We designed a unique curriculum that challenges kids to learn. Students are taught by industry professionals who help them stay ahead of technology and have an advantage over their peers.

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Students stay engaged by earning badges, coins and levels

Our multilevel curriculum meets all students' needs while providing continuous challenges.

  • Live online instructors and 1:1 help provides ample instruction for kids at all levels.
  • Students customize their avatar and profile page based on accomplishments.
  • Achievement badges are rewarded to build confidence.
  • Realtime rewards with our point system keeps kids excited to master new challenges.

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Giving today's kids the tools and confidence they need for tomorrow's world!