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2D Game Design & Coding Set Up!

Make sure Unity is fully installed before your first class by following the steps below!

UNITY & 2D Game Kit Installed (Game Design Program):

Unity is a professional Video Game Design Program that explore 2D and 3D game design.

*Please do this at least a day before your class starts as the download and first launch will take time. This process may take over an hour.*

  • Click the link below.
  • Under personal click “Get Started”
  • Under First Time Users click “Start here” and agree to the terms.
  • Download and Install the Unity Hub Setup (Follow the prompts)
  • At the end of the installation check the box that says Run Unity Hub
  • Unity Hub should open (Allow access if it asks) Click the Install button in your desired location.
  • Create a Unity ID and check the boxes! As the Unity client downloads below!
  • Once the Download Finishes (Launch Unity button appears) close the unity hub.
  • Reopen the Unity Hub from your Desktop.
  • Go to the learn tab on the left scroll down to “2D Game Kit” and Click Download Project.
    • If Download Project does not appear click view tutorial and start project at the top right (It may ask you verify your email).
    • If it does not appear from the restart, Unity Hub and your computer.
  • Open the 2D Game Kit Project once downloaded (this can take over 30 minutes)
  • Once open go to file and Save as Project. (This will allow you to open the project fast and easily from the Unity Hub menu)