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2D Game Design & Coding Set Up!

Make sure Unity is fully installed before your first class by following the steps below!

Install Unity

  • •Navigate to
  • •Click on “Get Started”.
  • •Select the “Individual” tab.
  • •Under the Individual tab select the Personal edition and click “Get Started”.
  • •Where it says first time users click on “Start Here”.
  • •Read the agreement then click “Agree and Download”, this will download Unity Hub.
  • •Once downloaded open the file to begin installation of Unity Hub.
  • •Select “I agree” then select “Install”
  • •Once install is complete open the Unity Hub application
  • •Make sure to login to Unity hub with your Unity ID
  • •Navigate to “Installs” on the left-hand side of the window
  • •Click “Add”, in the window select “Unity 2020.1.3f1(LTS)” and click “Next”
  • •Scroll through the options select “Mac Build” if on a Mac and “Windows Build” if on Windows and click done
  • •Wait for Unity to install (This may take some time to complete)
  • •When complete a box will appear under the installs tab with your Unity version number in it
  • Done, you have successfully installed Unity