Coding Grades 4-9 New games / New challenges every month!

Students will get a new game with new challenges every month. As students progress through our monthly projects, they will be challenged with more advanced programming concepts. We have created a unique strategy and curriculum which stops game play just as it is getting exciting. In order to continue playing the game, they need to code different aspects of the game. Once done correctly, they can continue playing the game where they left off.

Stop the mechanical horde from destroying the forest. Write code to save the animals. Better yet, write code to have the animals help you!

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Art Grades 1-9 Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premiere and Animate

Students will progress each month through these Adobe applications until they master them and are ready to move on to more challenges.
**Our Art course requires students to have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. A student version can be obtained for $19.99/month from Adobe.

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