Class Information

How do I access my classes?

On our home page click the class login page at the top right and sign in with your student email address and the password “password” to start. In there you will see your class time, teacher and zoom link to join at the appropriate time.

Where do I find my child’s homework?

The homework is also located on your child’s class login page. Log in with your students email and password. Click the course they are enrolled in and the homework will be listed below.

What if my child misses a class?

We have designed the homework lessons to go along with the class for that day so your child can follow the easy steps to catch up with the rest of the class. Feel free to let your child’s teacher know.

How do i get my child set up?

Follow the set up guide located inside of your child’s class login page. Inside will include a video and step process for each class setup.

I am having trouble setting up my game design/graphic design program. Should I still attend the class?

Yes please still click on the zoom link at the appropriate time to let the teacher know what is going on and let them know you need assistance.

If my child missed their class what can we do?

You can reach out to your teacher by their email in the class login page. As well all of our Homework lessons break down what we did each day in class!

Pricing Questions

How will i be charged for these courses?

You will be charged monthly as part of our path subscription plan. Priced based on path.

I was charged immediately but my child is not starting classes for another month or two. Will I be charged then too?

No, your account subscription will be placed on hold. You are charged up front for your students spot and the first month of classes.

Am i locked into any contract or is there any cancellation fee?

No you may cancel your subscription at any time with no cancellation fee.

Why is the Digital Art Path more then the Video Game Design Path?

The Digital Art Path will include a subscription to the Adobe Suite ($20) a month.

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