Inspiring kids in technology and their futures!

We believe the way to a better future can only happen through our children.

Our goal is to inspire and empower all kids with the belief that the world can be a great place, and more importantly that they can make it be!

We give them the tools and the skills to be optimistic in their place in creating the future of thier dreams.

Solid Foundation in Technology

By giving students a solid foundation in a broad range of technology, we give them the skills to conquer the tools of the future.

Belief in a great future

By showing kids how technology can be the tools used to solve many of the worlds problems, we instill a belief in them that their future world can be a great place to live..

Belief in Themselves

We teach students to learn to see obstacles as opportunities. Through progressive accomplishments and achievements, students gain a sense of confidence in themselves, and self esteem in their role in the world.

Our Mission

Imagine a future where today’s children are running our corporations, schools, banks and government, and are creating new technology to save lives and improve the overall quality of life. Now, imagine what would happen if we gave them a head-start in technology, taught them to work together as a team, instilled confidence in them, and helped them overcome obstacles and persevere in making their dreams become a reality. Tech Kids Project was founded in September 2015 by Andrew Appleton with the mission of empowering youth through building their skills to prepare them for the ever-changing and technology-driven world we live in. Our aim is to inspire young minds through our advanced STEAM programming.

Our Programming

Our strategy is simple; use video games as the course material. We know that children love playing video games and also love to create. By combining these two passions in an easy-to-learn format, kids excel in their learning and spur their creativity, helping them gain confidence and leadership skills. The workforce is becoming increasingly specialized, and for every five open STEM positions, there is only one qualified candidate to fill these positions. At Tech Kids Project, we want to ensure that our programming reflects that specialization, so we are teaching elementary through high school aged students college-level material that they can take with them wherever they go. The programs that we teach in our courses, such as ZBrush, Unity, C Sharp, Visual Studio, Maya, and more, are the tools that are being used in the industry and in the top university Gaming Programs. The Tech Kids Project students are taught these skills early, helping to push them to be high-achieving in all of their future endeavors.

Give your kids today the tools they need in tomorrow's world!