Andy Appleton - Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ryan Smith - Chief Operations Officer

Jessamin Swearingen - Curriculum Director

Julia Covert - Parent / Student Coordinator

Our Teachers

Alex Wolken - Online Instructor

Ken Geary - Online Instructor

Martha Mapes - Online Instructor

Giancarlos Alvarado - Online Instructor

Ron Baxter - Online Instructor

Brian Leung - Online Instructor

Tina Mahagamage - Online Instructor

Jorge Sandoval - Online Instructor

Those who wear many hats!

Maureen Steinhorn Non-Profit Marketing Director

Brandon Chua - Tech Support, Instructor Support, Assistant Instructor, Content Developer

Vittorio Martinez - Tech Support, Instructor Support, Content Developer

Maximiliano "The Man" Montessi Database developer, Server administrator, Security, Data Analyst

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